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The Full Story


Kid Care Pediatric Urgent Care, LLC was created with the needs of the local pediatric population and their parents/caregivers in mind. With the ever-growing population, it is often hard to get same day appointments when they are needed most. We are available for supplemental care in addition to your pediatrician. 



Kid Care Pediatric Urgent Care focuses on providing exceptional care to the mild-moderately acutely ill or injured pediatric population. We are here to offer immediate care when your pediatrician or primary care provider is unavailable


Compassionate, reliable and convenient care where the pediatric population can be treated in an efficient and effective manner when primary care is unavailable. 

Kid Care Pediatric Urgent Care creates a trusting relationship between the patients and parents while providing a continuum of care for local pediatricians. Additionally, offering an affordable alternative to the emergency department. 

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